Ars Magica: Hibernia

Spring 1220 A.D.

Getting Established

- The group convened outside Wexford to discuss the foundation of the new covenant.

- Decisions were made regarding the covenant’s internal hierarchy and system of governance, and the magi set up their laboratories at various locations inside the great tree.

- A group of bandits assaulted a caravan en-route to the covenant. The mages gave their leader a severe shakedown and let him go. The two followers were captured but allowed to flee when it became clear they weren’t interested in cooperating.

- The group decided to pursue the Eye of Balor as its catchach. The eye is rumored to lie beneath the fabled Loch na Sul in Connacht.

- The magi crafted lesser enchanted items, including a staff to fling small objects from a distance, an amulet to produce endless fresh air in the lungs of the wearer, and a wand for launching small fire bolts.


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